Cureoscity Introduces Mobile-Only Tenant Experience at 8 Bishopsgate 

5 September 2023    -    4 mins read

LONDON – 5th September 2023 – Cureoscity has developed an industry-leading super app that provides one of commercial real-estate’s first mobile-only tenant experiences at London’s 8 Bishopsgate, the UK’s most sustainable speculative office tower. 

Appointed a year prior to practical completion, Cureoscity collaborated with the building’s developers, Mitsubishi Estate London and Stanhope, and  property managers, Savills, to understand the building’s core vision. Using the latest technology, they have created an indispensable app catering to the specific needs of the building’s users.  

Having completed a short registration, users can add their employee badge to the wallet on their phone for access to both the landlord managed areas and their occupier space. As users enter the building this automatically updates access control systems giving real time insights into occupancy and peak days and times. Cureoscity’s collaboration with SwiftConnect, HID, and the building’s access control system provider ensures a plastic pass-free, mobile only experience.  

The app also allows users to book space and organise events in any of the amenity spaces in the building including the 200-seat auditorium, ‘Twenty Six’ a kitchen, bar and terrace facility on Level 26 and on Level 50 both the Executive meeting spaces and the ‘Lookout’, a publicly accessible viewing gallery with incredible views of London available to occupiers outside public hours. The app can also be used to book, unlock, and release smart lockers at the cyclists‘ locker room on the basement floors. 

Cureoscity is also enabling a faster visitor journey. Visitors receive a QR code granting access from the Lobby to occupier floors, eliminating the need for a check-in at reception. As visitors pass through the speed gates, they are automatically checked into the building’s systems and checked out upon departure. Additionally, Cureoscity systems are being used for core building management functions such as permits, deliveries and helpdesk tickets.  

Chris Coleman-Brown, CEO at Cureoscity, said; “Our clients had a bold, challenging vision of how technology should revolutionise the user experience and minimise operational effort to manage core journeys in the building. By being involved early, we were able to find partners and enhance our own service to meet the client’s vision. In a post-COVID world, technology has evolved rapidly and is now a critical element in helping deliver the desired user experience. We look forward to working with other clients to bring this technology into more spaces.“ 

Kevin Darvishi, Leasing Director at Stanhope, said, “The tenant and visitor experience at 8 Bishopsgate is designed to be exceptional, in keeping with the building itself which aims to combine the best in design with the latest technology As more tenants occupy the building we are confident that the app will add to their experience of occupying 8 Bishopsgate and are delighted that Cureoscity working with its partners have delivered the first of its kind system.” 

James Kendall, European Regional Director at SwiftConnect, said “Given that access is one of the first impressions a tenant or employee has of a building, it’s critical to provide the most seamless and intuitive user journey possible. The 8 Bishopsgate project is a perfect example of how we continually deliver on SwiftConnect’s mission to connect people to the right place at the right time with a mobile-first solution that empowers users via an on-demand and completely self-service connected access experience.” 

8 Bishopsgate has been developed by Mitsubishi Estate London and Stanhope and was designed by WilkinsonEyre Architects.  

About Cureoscity 

Cureoscity, an independent business owned by Grosvenor Hill Ventures, Savills’ proptech investment subsidiary. Cureoscity’s vision is to bring people and their spaces closer using technology. Through our web portal, Cureoscity provides occupier, building and property managers with effective tools for core operational processes. Cureoscity is used across more than 1,000 individual destinations, covering over 200 million square feet. Cureoscity has become the trusted partner for leading managing agents, investors, and developers, who have implemented our digital layer solutions on their managed assets.  

Margaux De Paepe, Cureoscity press office Tel: +44 (0) 7773 666317 

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