Curious about Series – Curious about London Bridge City

31 May 2024    -    2 mins read

Discovering London Bridge City

Spanning 3 million square feet of office, retail, and leisure space, London Bridge City is an estate overflowing with historical charm, stunning architecture, and breathtaking views. This vibrant area is also home to private residential apartments, offering a perfect blend of work, play, and living. The much-anticipated Summer by the River festival begins on the 30th of May, bringing an urban oasis to the Thames’ banks.

Enhancing the Experience

At London Bridge City, Cureoscity strives to offer more than just a place to work or live. To bring everything together, we have built an intuitive app and portal that enhances the experience of our occupiers, providing a comprehensive guide to events, articles, and exclusive offers. Through the app, users can easily stay informed about the myriad of activities and opportunities available within the estate, from festival schedules to local promotions.“The London Bridge City app is one of our key communication channels for engaging with occupiers. It plays a vital role in promoting and sharing content about our events, articles, and offers. This includes Summer by the River, the capital’s largest free summer festival. Over its three-month duration, this festival is a prime opportunity to connect with our occupier audience. The app provides an easy and accessible way to reach individual occupiers, ensuring they stay informed and engaged with all that London Bridge City has to offer,” said Rebecca Phillip, Communication & Community Manager at London Bridge City.

What’s in the Pipeline

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce the launch of a new app specifically for a building on the estate, 4 More London. In addition, we are focusing on enhancing data app engagement to ensure occupiers are making the most of the app’s features and staying connected with everything London Bridge City has to offer.

Stay curious and connected with London Bridge City through the Cureoscity app.

Margaux De Paepe, Cureoscity press office Tel: +44 (0) 7773 666317

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