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We use our knowledge and experience of tech and real-estate to provide bespoke services in a simple, unified way across all platforms.

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Improved access and control

Create a mobile only journey from street to seat integrated to your access control systems giving real time insights into occupancy and peak days and times.

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Streamline building management

Optimise your building operations, simplify processes and improve efficiency, with all your building’s data, services and operations on one platform.

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Designed for efficiency

Our user-friendly property management and occupier communication tools are tailored to reflect your building’s unique identity and needs, understanding that no two places are the same.

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Building communities

Connect users to their building, amenities and services, making everyday day in the office better.

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Insights from the here and now

Real-time data and frequent service updates help you understand and improve your building for seamless operations and an enhanced customer experience.

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