Cureoscity adds Key Management and Access Pass Management

8 April 2024    -    2 mins read

Cureoscity has introduced two new modules designed to digitise operations, reduce risk and improve the experience for building managers, occupiers and visitors.

Access Pass Management

Access Pass Management simplifies the process of managing access card requests, including issuance for new starters, creating temporary passes, dealing with lost cards, and managing leavers. Occupiers submit their requests, which building management can then approve, reject, or amend. This feature not only streamlines the access card process but also provides valuable data for budgeting and compliance.

Key Management

Key Management allows all building keys to be described and logged. When a key is taken for use this is recorded, including who has been issued the key and their contact details. Once returned the key is checked back in. This feature significantly reduces the time and cost associated with replacing lost keys and enhances overall security.

Cureoscity is committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of property managers and their occupiers. They make day-to-day tasks better for all parties, reducing risk and improving everyone’s experience. Kristina Archer, Client Operations Director at Cureoscity, commented, “These are small but incredibly helpful new features which our clients have requested. We will be working with existing clients to add these features where appropriate and we can get these features added to existing clients within days.”

To discover more about these features and how they can benefit your property management efforts, visit Cureoscity’s website or contact our Client Success team.

About Cureoscity

Cureoscity, an independent business owned by Grosvenor Hill Ventures, Savills proptech investment subsidiary. Cureoscity connects people and buildings through technology. Through our web portal, Cureoscity provides occupiers, building and property managers with effective tools for core operational processes. Cureoscity is used across more than 1,200 individual destinations, covering over 200 million square feet. We take pride in our esteemed client partners, including Stanhope, Mitsui Fudosan, Mitsubishi Estates, The Valesco Group, Tristan Capital Partners, BEAM and numerous others.

Margaux De Paepe, Cureoscity press office Tel: +44 (0) 7773 666317

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